Private piano lessons are customized for each individual student depending on their skill level.  Lessons are $20 per class. (half hour sessions) 

Instructor:  Paige Hepler

*please call or email for Scheduling or if you have a question about the class for the teacher, call at 336-425-7897*


 Some students may need a more mature level of books. I recommend that teenagers and older use these recommended books.         

          Adult students requirements (1 Book)



Private Piano Lessons

Beginning Piano Students Music books:

Students who are interested in lessons should look into buying the said books below that go with the requirements for their level. Click the link beside the correct level to purchase needed books. In addition, we also ask that you purchase a spiral-ringed notebook. If purchasing the books are an issue please contact us and we can work things out.

               Beginner students requirements (4 Books)

  • young students 6-older
  • be able to read and write
  • never played piano before

               Level 1 students

  • should have completed primer level (4 Books)
  • has knowledge about music
  • notes and reading

​              Level 2A students

  • ​completed level one

​             Level 2B students

  • completed 2A 


Private Piano Lessons - One month (4 lessons) = $80

If you have completed these books and are planning to continue, or you are more advanced, please contact me to talk about other books.