Students will learn how to create works of art using various fabrics and sewing techniques.  This class is ideal for any artist interested in fashion or liturgical arts. Lessons are for 1 hour per week. Please call to schedule.

Cost: $80/mo. 
Instructor: Katie Conant

Private Sewing Lessons

Basic Sewing class

All students from the age of 9 to 99 are welcomed.

Topics discussed and practiced:

  • Learn how to operate a sewing machine (we have machines in class or you can bring your own)
  • Learn to thread a machine, wind bobbins, general cleaning, and maintenance of machines
  • Learn how to sew a straight line, practice until mastered

Make something

  - placemats

  - wall hanging quilt

  - a garment

  - Pj's

  - skirt

  - tops

  • Follow pattern instructions
  • Modify pattern to fit (lengthen or shorten)
  • Cutting out material carefully, following pattern for details - center front, cutting on a fold, curves for armholes, fabric with or without a nap.

Safety instructions with iron and cutting implements - scissors, rotary cutter, seam rippers.

Creating elastic waist bonds - modifying pockets, finishing techniques for hems, sleeves.

  • All classes are one on one for independence skills. 
  • Classes are one hour long, once a week, day to be determined mutually for student and instructor.
  • Material selections and patterns are students responsibility.